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Harvey D. & Helen W. Gibson

The Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation was established in 2010 to support the ideals of its founders, Harvey D. Gibson, Helen W. Gibson, Wendell D. Woodbury and Evelyn S. Woodbury. The Foundation's mission is to enhance the vitality and wellness of all Mount Washington Valley residents through charitable giving to established non-profit organizations.

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Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation
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January 2019

As the Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation enters its ninth year, I would like to thank the citizens of the Mount Washington Valley and beyond for a job well done in helping make the North Conway branch of the New England Ski Museum (NESM) a reality. It truly was a community, as well as a New England-wide, effort. I would also like to thank the employees of the North Conway Community Center for their continuing efforts in maintaining the public restrooms located at the rear of the museum building; these have proven quite popular with visitors and locals alike.

Additionally, I extend warm congratulations to North Conway Community Center (NCCC) Director Tim Scott, whose many talents facilitated successful fund-raising drives that propelled both the new North Community Center and the North Conway branch of the New England Ski Museum into existence. A thank-you also to the Board of Directors of the NCCC for selecting LA Drew for the construction project, and to the many local sub-contractors, all of whom did superb work. The same holds true for their excellent work on the NESM building as well.

The NCCC and the NESM buildings have significantly enhanced North Conway’s reputation as a family-oriented destination. With public restrooms now on both sides of the playground and adjacent to Schouler Park, a walk around town on a summer evening will present a family-fun atmosphere, complete with a Moat Mountain backdrop at sunset that we all know is breath-taking. Again, congratulations to the citizens of Carroll County and its surrounding communities for your continued support and for embracing the importance of maintaining family-oriented activities within our local communities.

The Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation’s involvement with both buildings evolved into what we consider a signature project that I’m certain would please our late founders, for the benefit these buildings provide to their beloved hometown of North Conway.

Best Wishes in the New Year.

Mark Butterfield, GWCF Executive Director

November 13, 2015

Gibson-Woodbury Foundation to renovate original center
By Tom Eastman

CONWAY — The Gibson-Woodbury Charitable Foundation and North Conway Community Center this week announced a partnership agreement for the future use of the community center's original building; imagined by Harvey Dow Gibson (1882-1950) and, following his death, the building was completed by his stepdaughter in 1950.

"The board of directors of both the Gibson-Woodbury Foundation and the community center feel that it would be most beneficial to all community stakeholders if the community center could focus its future efforts and resources on maximizing the opportunities offered by the recently constructed facility," said Mark Butterfield, executive director of the foundation. 

Thus, henceforth, the foundation will assume full responsibility for both historic preservation and needed improvements to the iconic older building.

By eliminating the expenses required to upgrade the facilities for a future tenant, the center's resources can be shifted to the new facility.

Butterfield said discussions have been held with one prospective tenant but declined to identify the group until an agreement has been reached.

"The Gibson-Woodbury Foundation will finance the cost of upgrades and, upon completion, will seek a suitable tenant whose long-term mission will enhance and promote the region's year-round outdoor recreation heritage, while supporting local business community's efforts to preserve the Mount Washington Valley's reputation as a top visitor destination," said Butterfield.

Sixty-five years after the North Conway Community Center first opened its doors, the Gibson-Woodbury Charitable Foundation is continuing the legacy of Gibson for future generations of residents and visitors, noted Butterfield, who is a nephew of the late Evelyn Smith Woodbury, wife of Gibson's nephew, the late Wendell Woodbury.

July 18, 2014

Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation Reaches Milestone

The Private Gibson/Woodbury Charitable Foundation (GWCF) is pleased to announce that it has provided over one million dollars in grants to area non-profits and municipalities in its first three and one-half years of operation ending on June 30 th , 2014. As Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Foundation, along with my co-trustee, Mr. Ken Cargill of Cooper, Cargill & Chant Attorneys, our respected advisor, Mr. Thomas Smith, as well as our able financial advisor, Mr. George Fredette of First Allied Securities and our accountant, Mr. Dave Caputo of Gamwell, Caputo, & Co., I am proud to say that together we have consistently and successfully carried out the wishes and ideals of the Foundation's generous and forward-thinking founders. It is with the deepest respect and admiration for the Gibson's and the Woodbury's that I announce this significant milestone.

The purpose of this private foundation is to enhance the vitality and wellness of all Mount Washington Valley residents and its environs through charitable giving to established 501c3 non-profit organizations. The GWCF welcomes grant requests from all non-profit organizations serving the Mount Washington Valley in Carroll County , as well as in the Maine towns of Fryeburg, Lovell , Denmark , Sweden and Brownfield.

I would also like to announce that the GWCF has decided to make a grant to the building fund for the new, recently-approved North Conway Community Center building in the amount of $300,000. The North Conway Community Center will be celebrating its 65th anniversary next year and the GWCF team believes that the Center has long been a unique and essential provider of recreational opportunities for our citizens and is vital to the overall development of our youth. We hope that this grant, along with contributions from other organizations, corporations and individuals, again illustrates the public/private partnership tradition within our community.

I would also like to announce that the GWCF has recently received approval from the Board of Directors of the North Conway Community Center to install public restrooms in the current North Conway Community Center Building during the spring of 2016. The GWCF made this specific request to the North Conway Community Center Board of Directors on behalf of our local business community.

On behalf of the GWCF team, I would like to thank all of the citizens of the Mount Washington Valley for their longtime public support of the North Conway Community Center .


Mark Butterfield

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